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How does LOVE play records?

LOVE spins on top of a still record utilizing a traditional cartridge and stylus. Its linear tracking sensor scans the record to determine the number of tracks and album details. The turntable can be controlled through a tactile experience with the unit itself or via the user-friendly Android and iOS app.



Does LOVE put weight on the record?

Rest assured, no part of the record’s grooves is ever touched by anything but the stylus. LOVE puts no weight on the record’s tracks ensuring your record is safe. The entire weight of the LOVE turntable is supported by its large rotating foot pad which sits securely on the label of the record.



Is LOVE able to select tracks?

Yes! LOVE selects tracks thanks to its sensor. It scans the record and determines the number of grooves thus the number of songs.



What size of record does LOVE read?

LOVE reads any type of records of 7, 10, and 12″ at 33 1/3 and 45 rpm speeds.



Does the motor make noise while LOVE is spinning?

LOVE doesn’t make noise, we enlisted the best sound engineers to focus on producing a high performance turntable with perfectly silent movement.



Does the LOVE turntable have built-in speakers?

No, but you can pair LOVE to any Bluetooth device, as well as Bluetooth aptX. You can as well connect LOVE to Wi-Fi multi-room systems such as Sonos who has endorsed us. We are in discussion with several other renowned multi-room brands.



Does LOVE come with a pre-amp?

Yes! LOVE comes with a built-in pre-amp.



Is the tone arm weight adjustable?

The tone arm weight is not adjustable.






Can you adjust the tracking force of the needle?

Yes, we are working to make the force adjustable.



What type of stylus and cartridge do you use?

LOVE has a traditional stylus with an optical sensor to auto-scan vinyl for record size.



What type of cartridge does LOVE use?

LOVE uses quality cartridges, they are the most widespread on the market. Like any traditional turntable, they come with an easily replaceable stylus.



What size of cartridge does LOVE use? Do you recommend any?

The size of the cartridge we’re using is similar to Audio Technica’s “ATxxx” range / universal mounts, but, any similar sized cartridge will do. We have no particular recommendation however, like on any traditional turntable, the better the cartridge the better the sound.



Can LOVE read warped or damaged records?

LOVE plays records the traditional way, so you wouldn’t be able to track passed damaged spots on the record, just as you wouldn’t on a classic turntable.



Can I replace the cartridge?

Yes, LOVE uses a standard size cartridge and stylus that can be replaced like on any traditional turntable.



Is the needle retractable? Can it damage the record?

The needle retracts during non-playing times like loading and unloading times and thus protects the record from damage.






Can I connect my Bluetooth speakers or headphones to LOVE ?

Yes. You can pair LOVE to any Bluetooth audio device: headphones, headsets, speakers, stereo systems, etc. LOVE streams the finest analog sound to audio devices. Of course, you can pair LOVE to any Bluetooth generation. We use Bluetooth aptX.



What if my speakers are not Bluetooth-enabled ?

If your speaker system is not Bluetooth-enabled, LOVE comes with a 3.5mm audio jack or RCA plug-and-play Bluetooth aptX adapter.



Does LOVE record songs?

The first generation of LOVE doesn’t record songs



What’s the sample frequency?

Sample frequency Bluetooth: the sample rate is 44 kHz and the depth is 16 bit stereo Bluetooth interferences: Bluetooth has a latency due to the codec and wireless transmission. However, LOVE provides natural insulation around the stylus to minimize this effect, so that the audio you hear comes only from the speakers. LOVE also has extra internal insulation in order to absorb the sound from the stylus to make it much less audible.



How good is the Bluetooth quality?

We can only refer you to CSR’s knowledge of aptX on their website when saying that “When incorporated in Bluetooth A2DP Stereo products, aptX audio coding delivers full ‘wired’ audio quality”.






What is the voltage for the power socket for the player? Is it compatible internationally?

The LOVE turntable set comes with an international voltage USB wall adapter.



Is the battery replaceable?

The battery is replaceable by returning the turntable (for free under the one year warranty).



What is the battery life?

LOVE has a long lasting high quality lithium battery. It is rechargeable through a USB-C port. The battery allows you to listen to over 15 sides of 12” LP records.






What is a pre-order?

If you pre-order, it means you will be amongst the lucky first to enjoy the LOVE turntable as soon as it is released. As many hardware projects go, there may be some changes to our product (like our recent optional addition of voice control!) or delays, but what we vouch for is the delivery of a high-quality premium product we know you will enjoy.



What are the shipping costs?

US & Canada – Free

EU, UK, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan – $25

Rest of the World – $40



Will there be assistance in foreign countries

The LOVE turntable comes with a one year warranty, no need to pay for any assistance that is covered by the warranty.



When can I select my record base color?

We will send all the customers a survey to confirm your order, the color of your bases and your shipping address.